Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

Best Smile Dental offers affordable teeth cleaning services in City Ave, Bala Cynwyd, Wynnewood and throughout Philadelphia.

Regardless of how often you brush and floss, plaque and tartar can accumulate on your

teeth. Professional teeth cleaning is the most effective way to remove these deposits

and prevent them from causing more serious issues in the future. With advances in

dental technologies, you can now choose from a wider range of options for teeth

cleaning. Traditional teeth cleaning involves manually scraping away these deposits

with special dental tools.

Gum disease also referred to as periodontal disease, is a common oral condition

caused by various reasons but the most common one is buildup of plaque and calculus

on the teeth surface. Specialized dental tools will be used to remove tartar, plaque,

bacteria, and infection from the affected teeth and gumline and this Deep cleaning

procedure includes two steps:

Scaling: removal of deposits (plaque and calculus form the tooth surface)

Root Planing: cleaning and smoothening the root surface to remove all the bacterial


The goals of scaling and root planing procedure is to remove bacteria, plaque and tartar,

and to halt the progress of the periodontal disease. 

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